Hi! I'm Hannah, I’m a graphic and surface designer. I just have to say, thank you for coming to my page!! I’m so happy you found me and I hope as you view my work, you’re filled with the sense of joy I strive to pour into my work. 

Check out my shop for products of my surface design collections. To learn more about me, read below for my background of becoming the designer I am today.

10 Facts About Me

1 | I’m a dreamer, planner, list maker, and goal maker.

2 | I love spending time with my husband and family.

3 | I enjoy spoiling my two pups, Millie and Milo, and have a big heart for every dog I meet.

4 | I’m a christian and proudly stand by my faith.

5 | I read a lot, watch movies, and binge watch tv shows for my me time.

6 | I’m a fan of wild flowers and floral patterned decor.

7 | I love filling my home with meaningful art.

8 | I enjoy going to estate sales and antique stores.

9 | My favorite time of year is October-December, particularly Christmas season.

10 | I’m one of those people that starts listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and I absolutely love gift shopping, wrapping, and giving.

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